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Sunday, February 28, 2010

EDM 310 Blog #7

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student

Wendy Drexler's video on the networked student was great. It gave me a clear understanding of what it truly means to become a networked student. I really like the idea of connecting students with many ties via the use of technology. What I liked even more was how Drexler emphasized the importance of the connections that were being made by students. Hopefully I will be able to apply what Ive learned in EDM 310 and become a networked student. I can't wait to reach the level of connectivity that the student in the video possesses. I'm almost there but not quite yet.

To be quite honest I'm not prepared to teach the networked student yet. However, the key word here is yet. By the end of the semester I will hopefully be prepared to teach the networked student. However, now I don't feel confident enough in my abilities to complete this task...yet.

Through taking EDM 310 Ive gathered that current and future generations of students will highly benefit from being networked learners. Due to this fact, I will readily implement the theory of connectiveism in my classroom. I'm ready to accept the ideas of connected learners being in my classroom and I'm ready to further my skill in order to teach these students. However, I'm can't state enough that I'm still a little intimidated at this point in the game and don't yet feel prepared to fully serve networked learners. However, with a little more practice and experience I will be ready.

View the Networked Student Video here

Richard Miller: This is How we Dream Parts 1&2

Richard Miller's "This is How We Dream" was a great presentation. The presentation focused on composing with text with using various forms of media. Instead of using a simple text document which he states would be quickly disregarded and would take much longer for people to take note of; he recommends something completely different. According to Miller, students will compose with not only text but with audio, still images, photographs, and movies in order to produce compositions that is in Miller's words are both "beautiful and compelling". This form of composition gives the reader a front row seat into the writers thoughts and what messages or message he or she is trying to convey.

In my opinion composing with media and technology is great, if you have read my blogs it is evident that I am opinionated. From time to time I struggle with being able to get my points across as clearly and sometimes I'm not as much of a word smith as I'd like to be. This new form of composition offers a great alternative get over these stumps and clearly demonstrate your points which will have a greater impact on the audience.

I love multimedia and multimedia presentations. I was able to take audiovisual communications in high school which gave me my first taste of how effective a presentation is when the senses of sound and sight are intertwined. With the resources that Ive learned in my EDM 310 class I think I may be able to do a short, modest digital composition. I would like to use them in my future classroom. I know for a fact that students will be able to use this art and create some very powerful compositions. After what Ive witnessed students doing with technology, digital composition will be a piece of cake for them to master when given adequate tools and guidance.

View Richard Miller's Presentation Here

Michael Wesch, A New Future of Whatever

Comments on how Michael Wesch's anthropological analysis of UTube is related to my life...I would say that it relates to my life because I like everyone else wants to be an individual and have a sense of autonomy but still feel connected to a community. I feel a sense of connectedness through my family, school, my neighborhood, my friends, volunteering etc. I use the internet to feel connected to family and friends through the use of email and will soon be using social networking sites.

I did find it interesting that there are people that use UTube as an emotional outlet. The woman that was shown in the presentation who just needed to talk about not being able to bring her son home really made me realize that UTube is more than a site to view random productions. I didn't realize that UTube could serve as an emotional outlet. I suppose if some people can't talk to those around them, they have to turn somewhere. I personally wouldn't use UTube for this purpose but I'm happy that people who have no where to turn, have somewhere to turn even if it is UTube.

Check Out Wesch's Presentation Here

The Progress of Poppy's P.L.N. Part 1

My PLN is currently under construction. It's not complete yet. So far, Ive added classmates, Dr. Strange, and a few sites that Twitter recommends following. As I get a little bit more comfortable using Twitter I know that it'll grow quickly. I'm aware of the fact that Twitter is going to be a great tool for me as a teacher but I just need to figure out how to use the darn thing to my advantage. This is the main obstacle I am currently facing while setting up my PLN... Hopefully, I will make more progress this week. Please stay tuned for next week's update on "the progress of Poppy's PLN".

Comments 4 Kids Week 7

This week I got the chance to comment on Diana M.'s blog who is a thirteen year old living in Arizona. Her post that was entitled "About Me" which was obviously about her. It was neat that a thirteen year old is still interested in the simple things like rollerskating, malls and soccer. It'll be neat to see her other posts.

Visit Diana's Blog Here


  1. I think students are more of visual learners, that's why I like Miller's idea about using audio and video to compose.

  2. ...yet. Well, there is a lot of movement! Your comment about YouTube struck home. I am often shocked by what people reveal on YouTube. But I mostly stick to education stuff. But some of the other can be extremely funny and sad at the same time!

    Excellent post.

  3. I think most people are visual learners. I also agree with Miller's idea along with Luke.

  4. Hello Paulett, this is Brooke. I am commenting on your post about Wendy Drexler. This post was hard to find because you added so many other assignments to it. Although, good job on the post. I think I had a lot of the same points.