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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interview with Jamie Lynn

A Journey Through the Mind of Jamie Lynn Miller

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time Toast Timeline: A Women's Right to Vote


Poppy's PLN Part II

I have made some progress with my PLN since my last post and I definitely have a clear understanding of their importance now. At the moment my PLN was enhanced through Comments 4 Teachers. This helped me immensely because I was able to read the comments on their posts from teachers throughout the world and visit their blogs. The cycle would continue until I was commenting and reading some other post on some different blog ten hits away from my original assignment that I was supposed to be blogging about. Another way that my PLN grew and will continue to grow will be through theEDM 310 Alumni Blog . I continued to experiment withTwitter but I'm just too long winded for it. Overall, I really enjoyed enhancing and creating my PLN through the use of blogging and reading the blogs of others and connecting with them.

Bye Class B and Dr. Strange!

To my fellow students of Class B:

First of all I would like to say thank you for a great semester. I really loved the fact how you put up with my crazy ideas and questions. You will all make great teachers someday, it was a privilege to get to work w
ith all of you. Stay in contact with me, I'll be posting at least once a month on theEDM310 Alumni Blog , I look forward to hearing your comments and to hearing about your current endeavours and adventures. I thought I'd end this farewell with one of my favorite poems.

Success by: Ralph Waldo Emerson or Bessie Stanley (the true poet is still a mystery!)

To laugh often and much;

To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;

To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;

To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition;

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.

This is to have succeeded.

Dr. Strange:

Thank you so much for all that you have taught me or should I say, made me teach my self. Thank you for letting me venture outside of the box, not get to back in it, and burn it when I was done, and to try and stay away from boxes all together ( I can see you've done this and it's worked out quite well!)... This class was a unique, challenging, and fun which made it a great experience. Thank you for being so dedicated to us and knowing all of our names. I can't thank you enough. Good luck and I look forward to observing the evolution of EDM 310.

Final Blog...

Question #1

Here is the list of what I learned... How to use blogger in my future classroom and for personal use, GoogleDocs which is amazing and free, I-Tunes U which is
great and will be a great study aide for me, Comments 4 classmates, teachers and kids were very useful, making movies and podcasts were all really great, the future of technology in schools was interesting, and viewing the tutorials on Mr. Chamerlain's class blog when I was lost (due to the fact that he teaches middle schoolers they were easy to understand and were fun), and I liked learning about TED talks which are inspiring. I also forgot to mention Timetoast, I think I may make a timeline of my family's ancestry.

Question #2

I would have liked more help at using Twitter effectively, I can see my self experimenting with it in the future but I just can't see myself doing anything with it at the moment. I don't think I got enough out of the handouts, tutorials, and everything else. Also, I think I may be a little long winded for micro blogging.

Question #3

No, I actually saw a use for everything that I completed in this class for the first time in my long educational career.

Question #4

What excited me the most about this class was my freedom to think outside of the box and be creative. I get so sick of boundaries, guidelines and restrictions. The fact that I was encouraged to be creative made me the most excited. I guess I'm a round peg trying to fit into the square most of the time and this class allowed me to think for my self and express my self. I also got excited about the face that I made connections with people from around the world and got to peak into their classrooms. This broadened my perspective of what education should be like and it made me aware of some changes that could would benefit schools here in the US, especially schools in lower income school districts. This light truly came on when I got to see the classrooms of Wellington New Zealand.

Question #5

The fact that this class was not a burp back class was the most challenging aspect for me. Burp and Back are the two words that describe the majority of my past educational experiences. Ive had some amazing teachers/professors that have impacted my life; but there was always some form of having to burp back information for them. Due to this fact, this is how I learned and it was what I got used to. EDM 310 was huge change in the fact that I had to take information, decipher it and use it. My teacher was a guide than a dictator of facts and information. At times this was a little overwhelming because this takes time and a lot of effort; but when I managed to get used to it I liked it.

Question #6

What I got bored with in this class was that I had to continually blog on technology in schools and how it's implemented. I got bored with continually blogging about how schools have to change and be ready for the future. I just felt that some of the blog subjects were a little redundant. I think that we should have gotten to choose what we got to blog about a little bit more than just the past two blogs. I would have liked to have seen a blog that dealt with how we as educators would be able to implement technology effectively in a school district with very little or no resources. Also, I would have liked to know the SES demographics of the stateside districts that we observed in some of the blog assignments. I guess this issue is near and dear to my heart because Ive worked for nonprofit organizations and my parents chose to teach in impoverished rural communities throughout Northern Idaho. Therefore, Ive seen the types of schools that could benefit from technology but did not have the means to provide it for their students. These schools were not depicted throughout the blog assignments. I guess I got a little bored of seeing middle to upper class schools keep improving and having to write about it.

Question #7

There are a few things that I would change in this course. The first and only being the syllabus/novel. I think it could be shortened and be a little bit more clear. This would be very helpful.

Question #8

At the moment I feel that I'm right between medium and good but closer to the good side. I think that if I would have taken this class during a semester that was less demanding I would have walked away from it being excellent. However, I did build a strong base and feel way more comfortable than I did at the beginning of the semester. At the beginning of the semester I new how to navigate the Internet and send emails but that was the extent. I was also more into the publishing side of technology rather than the collaborative side.

Question #9

I plan on using the tools that have been mentioned in question #1. I'll try to change with them as they change. I hope to keep up with my PLN throughout the rest of my career as a student and as a teacher. I will also continue to use or contribute to the EDM310 Alumni Blog to keep up with technology. I just hope it doesn't leave me in the dust.