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Sunday, April 25, 2010

EDM Blog #15

A Seventh Grader's Personal Learning Environment
Hands down, this 7th grader has me beat. So far for my PLN I have used our EDM 310 class blog and its materials and contributors as resources. I have also used classmates and a few teachers that I have commented on in comments for teachers. I have also used Diigo instead of Delicious. I plan on using Delicious a little bit more because you can directly save articles from South's library database to Delicious. I liked the fact that she used Evernote and I got to see how it worked, I have an account with them but got too caught up in all of the other forms of technology we used in this class instead and ended up not using it. However, it looks like a pretty useful tool that I will be using in the future. Overall this video helped again realize one of the many different ways that I can develop my PLN and use the many different tools on the internet that are free.
Two Questions that Can Change Your Life
Wow! That was a really deep video that had a great message for the small amount of time that it took. This clip actually made me think of what my sentence is for right now and I would have to say it goes a little something like this... I empower kids to make healthy choices. It's interesting to think about how your sentence changes throughout your life. For example when I was leading SMART Girls in Puerto Rico my sentence would have been: I empower young females to have a strong sense of self and to stay out of abusive relationships.

As far as asking yourself if you were better today than you were yesterday, what a great question. Through asking yourself this, you will stay in check and stay motivated to be at your best. I'm human and I have days where I was better the day before or vice versa. However if I can consistently be better than I was the previous day, I'll know I'm in a good spot in life. I just hope that this question doesn't stress me out too much and I end up obsessing over it!

The Two questions: Daniel Pink's Vimeo


  1. You made a good point about how your sentence changes throughout your life. I can tell you are a strong woman by your "old" sentence. You will do many great things in your life!