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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My experience with Skype...
I used Skype for the first time last night and I really wished that I used it sooner. I got into contact with a good friend that I haven't seen for six years. I got to see her house, meet her kids & husband, but most importantly I got to talk with her face to face. When I went home for Spring break I found out that two of my cousins, my aunt and uncle all use Skype. I have a new baby coming and I can't wait to get my parents in Portland, OR involved in Skype so they can see their new grandchild on a regular basis. I'll also use Skype when my husband is out of town on business. Skype will make it possible for him to see our baby every day even when he's gone. As you can see, I'm really excited about using this tool. I can see its potential in my future classroom and in every day life as well. As I said in the beginning, I really wish that I would have started using this program sooner... I guess its better late than never... Click the link below and try out his extremely simple program for yourself, you'll like it...


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